Attar Tabac Doré


Bottle with 3gr.

Notes :

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Vanilla Absolute, Ambrette
Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Tobacco Absolute, Benzoin, Fig
Base Notes: Cedar, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Tolu Balsam, Peru Balsam, Wild Oud from Thailand and Vietnam

Olfactory Description :

Tabac Doré is a fragrance of the oriental night, charming and unforgettable. The precious absolute of tobacco, which is used in the composition, contains more than 300 components, including intriguing pyrazines and sweet, fruity damascenones — they form a unique deep aroma of tobacco, mysterious and exotic, which relaxes you and gives you confidence. Another important component of Tabac Doré is wild oud from Thailand and Vietnam. “Wild” is the best word to describe the smell of this thick dark blend of oils, which has no analogues in the world of perfumery. Decorated with vanilla absolute, balms and resins, these two main ingredients will immerse you in the noble luxury of the East.

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